Transpose Any Audio Easily in Logic Pro X 10.3.2

New in Logic Pro 10.3.2. Any audio file (not just Apple Loops) can now be easily pitched/transposed via the Region Inspector just like MIDI! Logic EDM producers all sigh in unison.

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Logic Pro X: Track or Region Based Automation?

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Logic Pro X 10.1 has a new button for selecting track-based or region-based automation. But which one should you be using and why? Darren Burgos tells you the way it is and shares tips along the way.

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Fine tuning the groove of your tracks in the Region Parameters

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If you like to sequence your individual drum parts like I do, you’ll appreciate this tip! This is great on drum parts, percussion, or nearly anything where a “groove” is necessary. It enables you to move an individual selected region (MIDI or Audio) back/forward a very small amount for perfecting the feel of a part. For example you can nudge a lazy snare sound back in time for a tighter feel, or chill a nervous hi hat part by pushing it forward. For the experimental side in you, you can also move regions by tempo synchronized note values. The “Delay” function in the region info window (in the top drop-down window of the Inspector) allows you to do this without physically moving the region itself. Logic calculates the position and plays the region back or forward in time by the value you specify. This is great when arranging too since the region hasn’t actually moved --(it’s not slightly hanging over a bar position).

First make sure that you actually have a region selected. The image below shows the “clap” region as selected. If you click where the up/down pointing triangles are, you’ll be presented with a list of musical note values. Going above the zero position will play the region forward in time, and below the zero point will play it back in time. Now this works great when you want to experiment with the position a region is played back from (try large note values like minus one 16th note, or plus three 16th notes), but those values are too large, even for the lowest selectable value -of a 192nd note-...we’re simply looking to perfect “the feel.”
Click and hold to the left of the up/down triangle selector (this area will sometimes have no value in it at all, mine shows -6 in the image below), then move your mouse up/down to edit the value by sequencer ticks...much better! Try this on your separated drum’ll be amazed.

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