Learn Differently with Zoom Screen Sharing

Learning via Zoom Screen Sharing is extremely easy and convenient. As long as you have a solid connection to the internet, your training session will run smoothly. It's a perfect two way visual and audio "screen sharing" session right from the comfort of your own home. I can literally see your screen and share control of the mouse with you. These sessions are fantastic for learning Logic, and they're becoming more and more popular with clients.
Shortly before the scheduled session time you'll receive an email with session details, simply click the link, the software is downloaded and will open automatically. I'll be waiting for you, and will start the session. If our session requires detailed listening, you can even output the sound from Logic to the "Zoom Audio Device" for near perfect stereo sound. Schedule a session here.
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Call or text to schedule a session.
On your mobile, touch-hold the number for options to text/message.